Thursday, 10 January 2013

CES 2013 - Day 3

It's day 3 of CES 2013 in Las Vegas and news has slowed down to a trickle; the stuff which is being announced though is extremely interesting...

Youm in action
One of the extremely interesting things which was announced today was a Samsung Windows Phone with a flexible display, Samsung are calling the technology 'Youm'. The bendy phone has an mega thin OLED screen which apparently is designed to bring out better colours and contrast.
In the last couple of years Nokia and LG have also released smartphones with flexible displays. Nokia's concept idea of a phone with a flexible screen was rather cool because you used gestures like twisting forward and backward to control the phone.

Microsoft announced a product today which isn't officially the XBOX 720 however will probably feature on the XBOX 720. It is called 'Illumiroom' and uses your Kinnect to scan the room you are in (in real time) and then it somehow projects an image onto your walls. The image depends on what game you are playing - on the demonstration video Microsoft showed, bullets fly out and around your room. This idea does sound amazing and will probably be extremely successful if it works well however we will need to wait until April to see another demo and find out.

Although Microsoft's partnership with CES ended last year they still announced a mighty product there today!
The Microsoft Surface Pro was announced at CES today. It runs Windows 8 Pro and has loads more features than the Microsoft Surface RT. For one it comes with a stylus which the screen recognises, this means that if you want to highlight a word you simply use the stylus and when you want to do something else you use your finger. Amazingly the display knows the difference!
It has a HD display and a HD camera on the front and back. Unfortunately it is considerably thicker than the iPad 4 and the Surface RT however you expect that with a tablet which has loads more features.
On the software side, you can run your old Windows 7 apps and softwares on this tablet because it has Windows 8 Pro built in. Finally, of course you have Microsoft office 2013 also built into the desktop mode which is optimised for touch.

Panasonic today announced some wireless headphones which send the music directly into your skull - no surgery required! The headphones use Bluetooth to send vibrations inside your head.

Watch this space tomorrow for the products announced on the 4th and final day of CES 2013.