Wednesday, 9 January 2013

CES 2013 - Day 2

It's day 2 of CES 2013 and the initial rush of companies showcasing their new products is over. Instead news is now coming out at a steady pace which is easier to keep up with.

The Lenovo IdeaPhone K900
with a 13MP camera
One of the most unexpected things announced today was a 5.5-inch smartphone by Lenovo. It is called the IdeaPhone K900 and it features Intel's new dual-core processing chip. This phone is both extremely thin at 6.9mm and it is extremely square with no curved corners or edges. Removable backs seem to be coming standard with modern smartphones as this phone gives you the option of different styled back covers. The operating system Lenovo has selected is Android 4.1 however this has lots of customisations which Lenovo have added (although you can turn them off if you don't like them). This phone is currently set to launch in China during April however no where else in the world and we are still waiting for pricing.

We all know the story of the Pebble watch; the smart-watch which holds the record for getting the most backers on This smart-watch connects to your iPhone or Android phone and then all your notifications are pushed to it (like e-mails, Twitter notifications and calender events). The wizardry watch vibrates whenever you get a new notification and even allows you to view text messages on the screen. Want to change your track however can't be bothered to reach into your pocket to get out your phone, well just go to the Music app on the Pebble Watch and it wirelessly changes your track. It has a back-lit screen, magnetic charger and changeable watch faces which can be downloaded.
The Pebble Watch has been in the media's eye for many months now so the builders of it have been under pressure to make the watch perfect and it looks like they have. It is extremely simple to use and works seamlessly with your iPhone or Android phone. For those who have backed the Pebble watch on, they start shipping on the 23rd January 2013.

Last year Justin Bieber was at CES and this year it was pop star and tech enthusiast Unlike Justin Bieber from last year, wasn't at CES to advertise a product instead it was to do a keynote speech. I'm not sure what his speech was about however from what I hear he starts by saying:
"Have you ever thought about the bathroom?" 
So it definitely sounds interesting!

Anyway, that is it from the 2nd day of CES 2013, read here tomorrow for some of the highlights of the 3rd day of the phenomenal tech show!