Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Apple iOS 7 coming in March

March is usually the time when a new iPad is released, well it has been like that for the last 3 years anyway and I think that this March we will see the announcement of iOS 7 and an iPad Mini with a retina display.

Lots of websites are saying that iOS 7 will be announced in March and I think one of the reasons Apple will be releasing it early is because of the success iOS 6 lacked. Apple Maps was an extreme disappointment and Passbook didn't take off as well as everyone hoped either. iOS 7 being released early will be Apple's way of apologising for iOS 6.
That is a rumour anyway.

Multiple users on iOS 7?
People around the world seem to be hoping for a new lock screen for some reason. Bloggers and technology writers seem to be hoping for a live Weather feed and other various feeds to be displayed next to the time.

With iOS 6 you can access the phones camera directly from the lock screen by clicking on the camera logo and sliding up. A cool feature which iPhone fans would apparently like to see is the ability to change the quick access to camera with quick access to twitter, stopwatch or another app.

A feature which I would like to see on iOS 7 is to be able to have multiple users on 1 iPad. Although some small Android tablets have this feature, it doesn't work that well because it is extremely slow and the lag can be up to half a minute when switching from one account to another.

Apple has the amazing ability to create new markets and for people to want their product straight away. 
With Microsoft people but a new product when their old one breaks or because it is going cheap. People buy Google products because they want something extremely similar to Apple however can't afford the standard and quality.