Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 1 - Twitter photo updates

It was only a few days ago when Instagram integration on Twitter ceased to exist. Now Twitter has upgraded their app so you can edit photos and add filters then post them directly!
This new update lets you crop, enhance and add cool filters to your photos. There are 8 filters that you can apply to your photo which vary from turning it to black and white, to making all the colours look darker.

This is one of the biggest changes in the company since it was set up all those years ago.

These new features have been enabled by the power of a professional  photo editing website called Aviary which I did an article about earlier this year.
The article was about Aviary launching a new app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. I'm assuming that the company has partnered with Twitter because their own app wasn't as successful as they would have hoped. There are hundreds of photo editing apps and all of them claim to bring something new to the market which makes the market for photography apps extremely competitive.

In summary, Twitter will advantage from this update because more people are lightly to start using the service and downloading the app, Aviary is benefiting from this because they have got a partnership with Twitter which should go well allowing them to grow their company however for Instagram, lets just hope they have a big update coming soon so it will be able to match the competition.