Friday, 21 December 2012

Things to look out for in 2013

The much anticipated Blackberry 10 is finally coming in 2013
Blackberry 10
Despite not having a strong year in 2012, technology giants RIM, are planning to bounce back with the launch of Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 will work for both touch-screen and type devices which is good because type devices are what Blackberry are known for and people were scared that they were going to jump on the band wagon of touch-screens. 
Blackberry 10 is going to have an awesome built in messenger app which will combine text, Blackberry messenger, Facebook messenger and more! Which is ideal for people who love to chat.
Apps which you can download are displayed in a big tile a bit like Windows Phone however these tiles are bigger and can therefore fit more information on.

Microsoft UK and Windows Blue
Microsoft is to open UK stores in early 2013. They currently have over 50 stores open in America however not a single one in the United Kingdom at the moment! If they do start to open stores in England it will be a masive boost to the company as they will be widening the market and be making it easier for British people to buy Microsoft or Windows 8 products.
Windows Blue is apparently a smaller version of Windows 8 made for 7" touch-screen devices. So is Microsoft planning to make an iPad Mini and Kindle Fire like device. If so when will they announce it?

Google Glass
After loads of build up, Google Glass will finally be officially announced and released in 2013. Imagine looking at the road and seeing directions on it of where you need to go, or imagien being abel to take a picture of what your eyes are looking at by simply saying 'take photo'. Google Glass does this. The era of cyborgs will start here.

More information on Google Glass: Google Glass and other Augmented Reality Glasses