Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Olympic legacy: is it all it's cracked up to be?

One of the main thing which the London 2012 Olympic games promised was a lasting legacy for England. But 4 months on, is that what it has left?
Well, builders, plumbers, electricians and people with other manual jobs may not have been qualified before the Olympics however when building the stadium and venues the Olympic organisers made sure that new, young people were getting trained up in different profession.
This means, 4 months after the Olympics those people might have set up their own business or started working for a company.

The Olympic opening ceremony was one of the most amazing shows of the last decade however now that the Olympics is over, nobody is sure what they should do with all the props used so the storage areas around the Olympic stadium are getting described as an "Olympic graveyard".
West Ham Football Club have been confirmed as the people who will be talking over the stadium in the next 5 years making it their home ground; luckily the stadium will still be used for athletics championships after that and other various events.

I found out recently that the massive servers, computers and electrical equipment that was used during the games has been auctioned off for educational purposes in Britain. I think this is good so it doesn't mean that a greedy corporation doesn't get to have it.