Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday 29th December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 29th December 2012 and...

Christmas TV
BBC 1's soap, EastEnders topped the ratings charts for Christmas Day with an average of 9.4 million people tuning in to see the Christmas special. The ratings across the board are down from last year and TV bosses claim this is because of the rise of popularity in catch up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand Five.

Google Tracking Santa
This year Google launched a modern Santa Tracking website to give NORAD some competition. (NORAD is a US Government company which tracks Santa every Christmas eve.) Google's new website works well on both PC's and Tablets and you can follow Father Christmas yourself next year at:

The Apple iWatch which may launch in 2013
Apple iWatch Rumours
When Apple made the decision earlier this year to make the iPod Nano's screen bigger and rectangular, this surprised many tech enthusiasts and consumers as almost everybody thought that the iPod Nano was going to evolve into a watch which you can download apps on. Anyway, recently rumours have emerged that Apple might be making a new 'iWatch'.
A market for Smart Watches has not been established yet however products which will be launching soon like the Pebble watch have proved popular amongst people who have read about it.
We know literally nothing about this new Apple product and we won't find out if it actually happening until at least March in 2013.