Wednesday, 5 December 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Artificial or Real?

It's that time of year again when farmers around the world harvest their finest soft wood fir, white pine and spruce trees so they can fore-fill their destiny of becoming a Christmas tree before getting put into the trash or chipper.

Christmas Trees first became popular in England in 1841 and it was Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert who brought the first Christmas tree to England from Germany  He put in in Windsor Castle where a picture was taken of the Royal family was taken with the tree. The picture was publish in newspapers where everyone in society could see it.

During these times Christmas Trees were decorated with candles to remind Children of the stars in the sky. In 1880 Woolworths started selling the first manufactured Christmas decorations for the tree.

Each year around 35 million living Christmas Trees are sold around the world which isn't a surprise since so many people are Christians.

Anyway, I have recently had the debate about what type of Christmas Tree is better: artificial or real?

Well, there are positives on both sides. If you get a real Christmas Tree it means that you get something unique and something which will have the festive Christmas Tree smell. However with a real tree you get the inconvenience of hoovering all the dead leaves off the floor every other day and you also need to cut the bottom of the Christmas Tree off so you can stand it in the pot.
Hundreds of Christmas Trees being grown for the holiday season

With an artificial Christmas Tree, you can buy the perfect size, colour and shape which is ideal for somebody who has a small room where the Christmas tree will stay. But there is the massive hassle of putting the right branches into the right place when putting the tree together. Often it is just coloured stickers telling you where to insert them which means after a few years, all the stickers have fallen off and your tree just looks a mess!