Sunday, 9 December 2012

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android

Microsoft planning to make Office 2013 for iOS and Android
Rumours from a number of sources are suggesting that Microsoft are lightly to release Microsoft Office for iOS during March 2013 and for Android soon after that.

This would be good for the average consumer however extremely bad in the long run for Microsoft. Having Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote on my iPad would be amazing. It would save me time from logging onto my PC just to do some simple typing.
Companies would see the advantage to this to because if all their iPad's are under the same Apple account it will mean that after purchasing the expensive program once they can download it another hundred/thousand times for free without a special license.
This is where Microsoft is going to loose out. Why will people buy a Microsoft Surface or a touch-screen Windows 8 tablet when they can get an iPad which does exactly the same but better; and now with Microsoft Office!
In the short run - Microsoft will sell millions of Office 2013 apps on iOS and Android and they will make quite a big profit. However when the end of 2013 comes they will not be making as much as they could be because people will have no reason to buy a PC.

If you want to try a touch version of Office 2013 you can go to, make a new document and click to edit online. This is Office 2013 and it works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Be warned though that it is a bit clunky and slow.

The old and outdated Hotmail calender
Whilst I'm on the topic of Microsoft I might as well bring up Hotmail/Outlook because it is bugging me that Microsoft have updated Skydrive, Outlook and Contacts (People) to the new touch optimised website however the Hotmail calender is still the old one. It has been like this for 2 months now and it is bugging me that it is not the same design as the other 3 services.
So please Microsoft, if you are reading this, please update the Hotmail calender to outlook.