Sunday, 2 December 2012

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is one of the best things which has happened to iTunes since it got set up all those years ago. It is a lot easier to use as there are less small buttons and confusing menus and the interface is a lot cleaner and it looks better.

Running on Windows, iTunes 11 runs quicker and doesn't take as long to load which is good because in the past it took quite a while to load up.

When playing music on your PC or Mac you just click the 'music' button on the left hand side then select the artist you want, then the track. To watch TV programs, films or view apps you can easily select them to to watch them on your computer.

Unfortunately, when trying to access the iTunes store from PC it is still unbelievably slow and when I tried it didn't actually load at all!

Trying to sync with your iPad, iPhone or iPod is also hard to as you need to do something. I honestly don't know what because the iPod Touch I bought last year is refusing to connect with it at all. Despite Googling this problem I couldn't find an answer.

In conclusion, for me iTunes 11 is perfect for playing music on my PC however the fact that it doesn't sync with my iPod makes it useless!