Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blackberry 10 is going to be big!

It seems like ages ago now when we first heard about Blackberry 10 and since RIM had an unsuccessful year in 2012, the company is relying on it to be a success in 2013.

First, it has 1 messenger app which integrates Facebook Chat, Blackberry Messenger, text message and more. This is ideal for people who message loads however don't like switching between loads of apps. This app is called Blackberry Hub and it also combines your email accounts. This looks quite confusing and hard to use, even getting to it is a gesture so it is really not that simple. 

For all note takers out there, take note because rumours have been circulating recently that Blackberry 10 will be integrated strongly with 'Evernote'. This means that you will be able to save snippets of text or photo from the web and save it straight into your Evernote account.