Sunday, 23 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 4 - Pointless Pinterest

Pinterest is a website and app which started as an exclusive photo sharing website where you needed to request for a login. It was only recently when it became open for everyone to use.

The unusual thing about Pinterest was that even when it was an exclusive website, it still had thousands of people requesting to join up. I guess that it is probably because of it's modern user interface and friendly community.

The reason you would upload a picture to the app is extremely confusing, you don't add filters or effects you simply upload it to a board and then other people re-pin it. It does take some time to get your head around the board idea. I suppose that they are basically just like albums so you upload your pictures to different boards so you can categorise them or find them easier.

I honestly wouldn't recommend Pinterest, I only joined it because everyone else was using it and now I've signed up, I don't actually use it that much. It is easier using Flickr or Instagram.