Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 3 - Failing Flickr app

Flickr is one of the oldest photo sharing websites and for many years now both the website and the iOS app have been extremely outdated. However on December 13th they released a new iOS app in hope that they will be able to keep up with other photo sharing services like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

When you click on the app it takes you to a new and modern login page where you now have the option to sign in with Facebook (however you can still use your old username or Google account).

This is where my experience ended though because for some reason it doesn't let me log in with my Google account and it comes up with an error message when I click to sign up with Facebook.

So after waiting for an App update which took a few weeks I finally got chance to test the iOS App.
When I try to sign up with Facebook on the Flickr App

The first thing I noticed was an Instagram like feature where you can double tap a photo to favourite it. There feature stolen from Instagram is the number of options of the bottom, the location of the upload button (in the middle at the bottom) and you navigate through the app exactly the same as you would in Instagram.

The only thing which is mildly unique is the fact that they push professional pictures at you straight away in the main page of the app, which is annoying.

Another problem is that the update only applies to the app; the website is still rubbish and it looks like it has been dragged straight from the 1990's! They will probably wait for Instagram to make a good website and then copy of that!