Monday, 31 December 2012

6 Highlights of 2012

6) James Bond Skyfall
Finally, in the 2nd half of 2012, the latest Bond film, Skyfall, was released staring Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench. The film was definitely the best Bond film made in the last decade and it had some amazing moments. The storyline was easy enough to understand which is unusual because some of the more recent 007 films have been extremely confusing. In conclusion, this was probably the best film of 2012.
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5) Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 
This was a day of celebration all around the Commonwealth. Hundreds of street parties took place up and down the country with the main celebration on the Thames in London where the Queen and other members of the royal family were floating down the famous river with hundreds of other boats. The days weather was unfortunately depressing however this did not dampen the spirits of the thousands of Brits who lined the banks of the Thames to see the tremendous parade.

4) Royal Baby Announcement
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, announced recently that she was pregnant. The announcement came premature as the press only found out when she was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. This event was overshadowed though by the suicide of a nurse working at the hospital after an Australian radio station made a prank call to the hospital impersonating the queen and asking how the Kate Middleton was recovering.

From previous article:
The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant. This information was not officially released from the Buckingham Palace however journalists realised it when she was admitted to a central London hospital with severe morning sickness.
Although this is amazing news that she is giving birth to a future hare of the throne, there has been a lot of bad news this week about it as well. Midweek an Australian radio show made a prank call to the hospital which Kate was staying at pretending to be the queen. They asked about her condition and how she was coping in the hospital. Only a few days after the prank call, the nurse who took the call unfortunately killed herself. 

3) Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert
In my opinion this was one of the best nights of TV in the last decade. Organised and ran by Gary Barlow, this night stared some of the best comedians and singers ever. The Royal Mall was filled with the general public and members of the Royal family who had turned out on the warm June evening to watch singers such as Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole and even Sir Paul McCartney! One of the highlights of the night was Madness singing on the roof of Buckingham Palace.
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2) Olympic Opening Ceremony
It doesn't matter if you like sport or not, the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was something amazing. Instead of doing the obvious thing and looking at the future of London, the opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle looked into the past of London and how it developed during the industrial era. The ceremony also looked at music, movies and media of the past. It was an amazing opener to an outstanding games.
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1) Olympic Super Saturday
Saturday 4th August 2012 was an amazing day for everyone in the Great Britain with Team GB walking away with 6 Gold medals! Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah were the athletes which dominated the front pages of the press the next day making the atmosphere around Great Britain overwhelming.
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