Monday, 31 December 2012

6 Highlights of 2012

6) James Bond Skyfall
Finally, in the 2nd half of 2012, the latest Bond film, Skyfall, was released staring Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench. The film was definitely the best Bond film made in the last decade and it had some amazing moments. The storyline was easy enough to understand which is unusual because some of the more recent 007 films have been extremely confusing. In conclusion, this was probably the best film of 2012.
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5) Queen's Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant 
This was a day of celebration all around the Commonwealth. Hundreds of street parties took place up and down the country with the main celebration on the Thames in London where the Queen and other members of the royal family were floating down the famous river with hundreds of other boats. The days weather was unfortunately depressing however this did not dampen the spirits of the thousands of Brits who lined the banks of the Thames to see the tremendous parade.

4) Royal Baby Announcement
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, announced recently that she was pregnant. The announcement came premature as the press only found out when she was admitted to hospital with severe morning sickness. This event was overshadowed though by the suicide of a nurse working at the hospital after an Australian radio station made a prank call to the hospital impersonating the queen and asking how the Kate Middleton was recovering.

From previous article:
The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant. This information was not officially released from the Buckingham Palace however journalists realised it when she was admitted to a central London hospital with severe morning sickness.
Although this is amazing news that she is giving birth to a future hare of the throne, there has been a lot of bad news this week about it as well. Midweek an Australian radio show made a prank call to the hospital which Kate was staying at pretending to be the queen. They asked about her condition and how she was coping in the hospital. Only a few days after the prank call, the nurse who took the call unfortunately killed herself. 

3) Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert
In my opinion this was one of the best nights of TV in the last decade. Organised and ran by Gary Barlow, this night stared some of the best comedians and singers ever. The Royal Mall was filled with the general public and members of the Royal family who had turned out on the warm June evening to watch singers such as Robbie Williams, Cheryl Cole and even Sir Paul McCartney! One of the highlights of the night was Madness singing on the roof of Buckingham Palace.
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2) Olympic Opening Ceremony
It doesn't matter if you like sport or not, the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was something amazing. Instead of doing the obvious thing and looking at the future of London, the opening ceremony directed by Danny Boyle looked into the past of London and how it developed during the industrial era. The ceremony also looked at music, movies and media of the past. It was an amazing opener to an outstanding games.
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1) Olympic Super Saturday
Saturday 4th August 2012 was an amazing day for everyone in the Great Britain with Team GB walking away with 6 Gold medals! Jessica Ennis and Mo Farah were the athletes which dominated the front pages of the press the next day making the atmosphere around Great Britain overwhelming.
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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Saturday 29th December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 29th December 2012 and...

Christmas TV
BBC 1's soap, EastEnders topped the ratings charts for Christmas Day with an average of 9.4 million people tuning in to see the Christmas special. The ratings across the board are down from last year and TV bosses claim this is because of the rise of popularity in catch up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD and Demand Five.

Google Tracking Santa
This year Google launched a modern Santa Tracking website to give NORAD some competition. (NORAD is a US Government company which tracks Santa every Christmas eve.) Google's new website works well on both PC's and Tablets and you can follow Father Christmas yourself next year at:

The Apple iWatch which may launch in 2013
Apple iWatch Rumours
When Apple made the decision earlier this year to make the iPod Nano's screen bigger and rectangular, this surprised many tech enthusiasts and consumers as almost everybody thought that the iPod Nano was going to evolve into a watch which you can download apps on. Anyway, recently rumours have emerged that Apple might be making a new 'iWatch'.
A market for Smart Watches has not been established yet however products which will be launching soon like the Pebble watch have proved popular amongst people who have read about it.
We know literally nothing about this new Apple product and we won't find out if it actually happening until at least March in 2013.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas TV ratings 2012

The ratings are out and it looks like soaps dominated most people's televisions over Christmas Day. EastEnders came in first with an average of 9.4 million viewers watching their Christmas episode. The BBC 1 soap led the ratings chart followed by ITV 1's Christmas episode of Coronation Street. That had an average of 8.6 million ratings.

Although these ratings look quite high and make the programs look successful they are actually down by quite a lot compared to last year. EastEnders alone had over half a million less viewers than its Christmas special of 2011. Doctor Who got 7.6 million viewers which is over 1.3 million less than last year.

Controller of BBC One, Danny Cohen, said "It's been brilliant to see so many viewers watching BBC One on Christmas Day."

Despite the ratings being considerably lower than last year on all channels most stations are just blaming it on the rise of people using catch-up services like BBC player, ITV player, 4oD and Demand 5. This means that people can catch up on their favourite shows after Christmas day when they don't have the stress of their mother in law around for dinner or children crying because they didn't get what they wanted off Santa.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 4 - Pointless Pinterest

Pinterest is a website and app which started as an exclusive photo sharing website where you needed to request for a login. It was only recently when it became open for everyone to use.

The unusual thing about Pinterest was that even when it was an exclusive website, it still had thousands of people requesting to join up. I guess that it is probably because of it's modern user interface and friendly community.

The reason you would upload a picture to the app is extremely confusing, you don't add filters or effects you simply upload it to a board and then other people re-pin it. It does take some time to get your head around the board idea. I suppose that they are basically just like albums so you upload your pictures to different boards so you can categorise them or find them easier.

I honestly wouldn't recommend Pinterest, I only joined it because everyone else was using it and now I've signed up, I don't actually use it that much. It is easier using Flickr or Instagram.

Wyvern TV #8

The Christmas edition of the Wyvern TV

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday 22nd December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 22nd December 2012 and...

Bradley Wiggins wins Sports Personality of the Year!
Tour de France winner, Olympic Games opener and Gold Medal Winning Cyclist Bradley Wiggins won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award earlier this week. He was presented with the prestigious award by Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. This year there were 12 nominees as there was so much outstanding sport achievement this year. He beat the likes of Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray and Mo Farah for the title and he describes it as possibly his greatest triumph!

The World hasn't ended!
After people from around the world stressing and worrying about the end of the world, it didn't actually end! So Mayans, members of the Illuminati and superstitious people are all now hiding their heads in embarrassment.

Download your Tweets
Twitter is now letting you download your Tweets and download them in a 'zip.' file and then view them in an online archive. At the beginning of this week the feature was exclusive to a small number of users however now the social networking company is rolling the feature out to everyone. Although it might take quite a bit more time for the option to 'Download my tweets' to appear at the bottom of your settings it will be there eventually so you can waste your precious time reading random things which you wrote many years ago.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Things to look out for in 2013

The much anticipated Blackberry 10 is finally coming in 2013
Blackberry 10
Despite not having a strong year in 2012, technology giants RIM, are planning to bounce back with the launch of Blackberry 10. Blackberry 10 will work for both touch-screen and type devices which is good because type devices are what Blackberry are known for and people were scared that they were going to jump on the band wagon of touch-screens. 
Blackberry 10 is going to have an awesome built in messenger app which will combine text, Blackberry messenger, Facebook messenger and more! Which is ideal for people who love to chat.
Apps which you can download are displayed in a big tile a bit like Windows Phone however these tiles are bigger and can therefore fit more information on.

Microsoft UK and Windows Blue
Microsoft is to open UK stores in early 2013. They currently have over 50 stores open in America however not a single one in the United Kingdom at the moment! If they do start to open stores in England it will be a masive boost to the company as they will be widening the market and be making it easier for British people to buy Microsoft or Windows 8 products.
Windows Blue is apparently a smaller version of Windows 8 made for 7" touch-screen devices. So is Microsoft planning to make an iPad Mini and Kindle Fire like device. If so when will they announce it?

Google Glass
After loads of build up, Google Glass will finally be officially announced and released in 2013. Imagine looking at the road and seeing directions on it of where you need to go, or imagien being abel to take a picture of what your eyes are looking at by simply saying 'take photo'. Google Glass does this. The era of cyborgs will start here.

More information on Google Glass: Google Glass and other Augmented Reality Glasses

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 3 - Failing Flickr app

Flickr is one of the oldest photo sharing websites and for many years now both the website and the iOS app have been extremely outdated. However on December 13th they released a new iOS app in hope that they will be able to keep up with other photo sharing services like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and more.

When you click on the app it takes you to a new and modern login page where you now have the option to sign in with Facebook (however you can still use your old username or Google account).

This is where my experience ended though because for some reason it doesn't let me log in with my Google account and it comes up with an error message when I click to sign up with Facebook.

So after waiting for an App update which took a few weeks I finally got chance to test the iOS App.
When I try to sign up with Facebook on the Flickr App

The first thing I noticed was an Instagram like feature where you can double tap a photo to favourite it. There feature stolen from Instagram is the number of options of the bottom, the location of the upload button (in the middle at the bottom) and you navigate through the app exactly the same as you would in Instagram.

The only thing which is mildly unique is the fact that they push professional pictures at you straight away in the main page of the app, which is annoying.

Another problem is that the update only applies to the app; the website is still rubbish and it looks like it has been dragged straight from the 1990's! They will probably wait for Instagram to make a good website and then copy of that!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 2 - Instagram

Instagram is a photo editing then sharing app which made photo filters popular. The app originally started 2012 on Apple's iOS platform where it seemed to be an instant success. What made it unique was that unlike other photo sharing sites like Flickr, it wasn't used by professional photographers as much however more by teenagers who want to jazz up their party photos from the night before.

The sharing options on Instagram are some of the best to because as soon as you have customised your picture, you can post it directly to Tumblr, Fickr, Twitter, Facebook or another social networking site.

They have recently updated the app so you can now rotate your pictures! They have also added a new filter and the interface is slightly different.

Instagram bought by Facebook during September and since then things have went downhill for the company in my opinion. They have fallen out with Twitter since Twitter started its own photo sharing service and I can't imagine the user interface getting much slicker and quicker as it will probably end up like the Facebook app (extremely slow).

Instagram does have some cool stuff about it to through. A company funded by made a 3rd party device which connects to your home WiFi and it looks like a digital photo frame. You can set it through a certain hash-tag or through your user profile.
The example the company used was a party where everyone is taking pictures of each other and uploading them to Instagram with the hash-tag of #EllensParty. The Insta-Cube (what the company product is called) then shows those pictures with a hash-tag of #EllensParty on the screen.

Overall, Instagram is probably the most intuitive photo editing and sharing app. And although it is currently only available on the Apple App Store and the Android Google Play store let's hope it will soon be coming to Blackberry 10, Windows Phone 8 and also have a website where you can edit and upload pictures.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Google Apps

In the last week Google has been busy updating and releasing new iOS apps. Google has recently became really good at designing apps and the user interface of them is becoming a lot better.

First is maps, after Apple dropped Google maps from iOS 6 in September and replaced it with Apple Maps. Apple Maps was a huge failure with complaints about the service coming from all around the world. However earlier this week Google released Google Maps for iPod Touch and iPhone. The new app is extremely simple to use and navigating around the maps is really simple. The only section where the app starts to run slow is when you go into the options by sliding to the left. This app is also lacking Google Street View however it does include directions.

Google has also released a new Gmail app which is awesome. The app is extremely quick to use and it is effective because all of your options are where you expect them to be. For instance, the reply and forward buttons are at the bottom of emails so you only decide what you want to do once you have read the email.

The final app which has been updated is the on for Google+. It has taken some features from the Google+ iPad app and some brand new features. The loading bar is the cool, colourful one from the iPad and the fold at the bottom of the splash screen is used a lot by other Google products however everything else in the app seems brand new and original. A brand new Google+ feature which has been added is something called 'Communities' where you can post into a group of people who share your interests. Communities you can join include a cooking community, technology community or motoring community.

This is all well and good however Google has also announced that they are dropping active sync so you will not be able to sync your mail, calender and other services.

Google has also announced that they will not be making any more Windows 8 apps. As soon as Windows 8 was launched, things were looking optimistic for the Google and Windows 8 relationship as they made a Google search app. This was called 'Get your Google back' and the app is one of the best Windows 8 apps available. It has the voice search feature and gives you direct links to all the Google services like Google Drive, Google Calender and Blogger.
Anyway, Google has made loads of apps for the iOS app store and it is going to be massive shame if they stop making them for the Windows 8 store. In some cases, that fact alone might stop people from investing in Windows 8 as the app store is half empty anyway.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Saturday 15th December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 15th December 2012 and...

Wii Useless
It has recently been discovered that there is a massive bug in the new Nintendo Wii U games console  This bug stops you from playing scary game from 11PM-3AM even if parental controls are turned of. No matter where you go in the settings or what options you change, the console simply doesn't let you play games like Zombie U between these 2 times.

American Shootings
There has been more shootings in America, this time at Newton's Sand Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.
18 children between the ages of 5-10 years old were killed along with six adults.
The gunman has been unofficially named as 20 year old student, Adam Lanza who started by killing his mother and then going to the local primary school to shoot at both children and teachers in 2 classrooms before taking his own life.
President Obama made a personal speech below where he said he was considering brining in a new gun law so it makes it harder for things like this to happen.

James Arthur wins the X-Factor
Despite being in the bottom 2 on week 7 of the live shows of the ITV1 talent show, North East lad, James Arthur has won the x factor and a recording contract!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Blackberry 10 is going to be big!

It seems like ages ago now when we first heard about Blackberry 10 and since RIM had an unsuccessful year in 2012, the company is relying on it to be a success in 2013.

First, it has 1 messenger app which integrates Facebook Chat, Blackberry Messenger, text message and more. This is ideal for people who message loads however don't like switching between loads of apps. This app is called Blackberry Hub and it also combines your email accounts. This looks quite confusing and hard to use, even getting to it is a gesture so it is really not that simple. 

For all note takers out there, take note because rumours have been circulating recently that Blackberry 10 will be integrated strongly with 'Evernote'. This means that you will be able to save snippets of text or photo from the web and save it straight into your Evernote account. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Apps fighting for your photos: Part 1 - Twitter photo updates

It was only a few days ago when Instagram integration on Twitter ceased to exist. Now Twitter has upgraded their app so you can edit photos and add filters then post them directly!
This new update lets you crop, enhance and add cool filters to your photos. There are 8 filters that you can apply to your photo which vary from turning it to black and white, to making all the colours look darker.

This is one of the biggest changes in the company since it was set up all those years ago.

These new features have been enabled by the power of a professional  photo editing website called Aviary which I did an article about earlier this year.
The article was about Aviary launching a new app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. I'm assuming that the company has partnered with Twitter because their own app wasn't as successful as they would have hoped. There are hundreds of photo editing apps and all of them claim to bring something new to the market which makes the market for photography apps extremely competitive.

In summary, Twitter will advantage from this update because more people are lightly to start using the service and downloading the app, Aviary is benefiting from this because they have got a partnership with Twitter which should go well allowing them to grow their company however for Instagram, lets just hope they have a big update coming soon so it will be able to match the competition.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Olympic legacy: is it all it's cracked up to be?

One of the main thing which the London 2012 Olympic games promised was a lasting legacy for England. But 4 months on, is that what it has left?
Well, builders, plumbers, electricians and people with other manual jobs may not have been qualified before the Olympics however when building the stadium and venues the Olympic organisers made sure that new, young people were getting trained up in different profession.
This means, 4 months after the Olympics those people might have set up their own business or started working for a company.

The Olympic opening ceremony was one of the most amazing shows of the last decade however now that the Olympics is over, nobody is sure what they should do with all the props used so the storage areas around the Olympic stadium are getting described as an "Olympic graveyard".
West Ham Football Club have been confirmed as the people who will be talking over the stadium in the next 5 years making it their home ground; luckily the stadium will still be used for athletics championships after that and other various events.

I found out recently that the massive servers, computers and electrical equipment that was used during the games has been auctioned off for educational purposes in Britain. I think this is good so it doesn't mean that a greedy corporation doesn't get to have it.

Monday, 10 December 2012

New Tube

YouTube updated it's website recently and the verdict isn't good.
On the main homepage instead of showing your subscriptions with recommended videos down the side, they are all in one stream. This is extremely annoying because now I need to click a separate button to see the content I'm interested in.
The old YouTube was quite colourful as it used black, red and white to define and enhance columns and words. This new YouTube is a lot more black and white which was probably to make the site look 'cleaner' however in truth it is just more confusing.
One thing which is also bugging me about it is how the whole page is slightly to the left of the screen instead of in the middle. For some reason, the owners of YouTube, Google, obviously think it is good to have a big white margin on the right hand side of your screen.

I'll admit there are some good points in this new YouTube such as that if you are looking for a specific video and you click on a video but discover it is not the one you are looking for, your other search results are displayed on the left side of the page so you can just select one of them.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Microsoft Office for iOS and Android

Microsoft planning to make Office 2013 for iOS and Android
Rumours from a number of sources are suggesting that Microsoft are lightly to release Microsoft Office for iOS during March 2013 and for Android soon after that.

This would be good for the average consumer however extremely bad in the long run for Microsoft. Having Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote on my iPad would be amazing. It would save me time from logging onto my PC just to do some simple typing.
Companies would see the advantage to this to because if all their iPad's are under the same Apple account it will mean that after purchasing the expensive program once they can download it another hundred/thousand times for free without a special license.
This is where Microsoft is going to loose out. Why will people buy a Microsoft Surface or a touch-screen Windows 8 tablet when they can get an iPad which does exactly the same but better; and now with Microsoft Office!
In the short run - Microsoft will sell millions of Office 2013 apps on iOS and Android and they will make quite a big profit. However when the end of 2013 comes they will not be making as much as they could be because people will have no reason to buy a PC.

If you want to try a touch version of Office 2013 you can go to, make a new document and click to edit online. This is Office 2013 and it works on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Be warned though that it is a bit clunky and slow.

The old and outdated Hotmail calender
Whilst I'm on the topic of Microsoft I might as well bring up Hotmail/Outlook because it is bugging me that Microsoft have updated Skydrive, Outlook and Contacts (People) to the new touch optimised website however the Hotmail calender is still the old one. It has been like this for 2 months now and it is bugging me that it is not the same design as the other 3 services.
So please Microsoft, if you are reading this, please update the Hotmail calender to outlook.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Saturday 8th December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 8th December 2012 and...

Kate Middleton is pregnant!
The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is pregnant. This information was not officially released from the Buckingham Palace however journalists realised it when she was admitted to a central London hospital with severe morning sickness.
Although this is amazing news that she is giving birth to a future hare of the throne, there has been a lot of bad news this week about it as well. Midweek an Australian radio show made a prank call to the hospital which Kate was staying at pretending to be the queen. They asked about her condition and how she was coping in the hospital. Only a few days after the prank call, the nurse who took the call unfortunately killed herself.

Australian Prime minster: "The world will end"
For another Australian radio station, the Australian Prime minster, Julia Gillard, made a hoax video message to the country saying that the Mayan prediction was true and that the world was going to end in 2012. She said it might be because of a 'Zombie Apocalypse' however she simply doesn't know.
With a sense of humour like that, no wonder Australia officially has the happiest people of the world living there. Let's just hope it was a joke though.

New YouTube
The YouTube website where you can see a wide verity of videos has changed it's layout. Unfortunately this has not went down well as the company behind YouTube, Google, is pushing too hard for people to subscribe to new channels. The new YouTube is harder to use and more complicated. So they are taking one step back in a way. The old interface was clean and simple however still gave you the potential to do amazing things and tweak options without getting confused.
This website revamp comes days after the YouTube app was updated so it now works on iPad. The apps are still really easy to use and work well.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, Artificial or Real?

It's that time of year again when farmers around the world harvest their finest soft wood fir, white pine and spruce trees so they can fore-fill their destiny of becoming a Christmas tree before getting put into the trash or chipper.

Christmas Trees first became popular in England in 1841 and it was Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert who brought the first Christmas tree to England from Germany  He put in in Windsor Castle where a picture was taken of the Royal family was taken with the tree. The picture was publish in newspapers where everyone in society could see it.

During these times Christmas Trees were decorated with candles to remind Children of the stars in the sky. In 1880 Woolworths started selling the first manufactured Christmas decorations for the tree.

Each year around 35 million living Christmas Trees are sold around the world which isn't a surprise since so many people are Christians.

Anyway, I have recently had the debate about what type of Christmas Tree is better: artificial or real?

Well, there are positives on both sides. If you get a real Christmas Tree it means that you get something unique and something which will have the festive Christmas Tree smell. However with a real tree you get the inconvenience of hoovering all the dead leaves off the floor every other day and you also need to cut the bottom of the Christmas Tree off so you can stand it in the pot.
Hundreds of Christmas Trees being grown for the holiday season

With an artificial Christmas Tree, you can buy the perfect size, colour and shape which is ideal for somebody who has a small room where the Christmas tree will stay. But there is the massive hassle of putting the right branches into the right place when putting the tree together. Often it is just coloured stickers telling you where to insert them which means after a few years, all the stickers have fallen off and your tree just looks a mess!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

2013 Tesla Model S

Electric cars are known for being slow and inconvenient. Not only do they usually look funny, they also don't run for long until they need charging again.

This car company founded in 2003 in California, USA is the leading motor firm in electric cars. From 2008 they were famous for making the Tesla Roadster which was an extremely quick sports car. The main problem with this car was it's reliability; if you are paying £90,000 for a car you don't want it to break easily.
Tesla Roadster
Battery life211 (miles)
Engine Position
3.9 seconds
Wheel driveBack

However now they have made a new car. This car does 0-60 in 5.6 seconds and it can go for over 300 miles without needing to be charged up again. This car is not a sports car, instead Tesla has decided to make a sports-saloon which you could imagine high-profile business men driving. This car is the 2013 Tesla Model S!

Apart from looking beautiful this car is also quite practical according to Tesla. They say that in the UK they have over 1000 charging points and in London you will never be more than 500 meters away from one. This means that if you are running low on battery you can do a quick charge and then be on your way.
Tesla Model S 2013
Battery life300+ hours
0-60mph5.6 seconds

iTunes 11

iTunes 11 is one of the best things which has happened to iTunes since it got set up all those years ago. It is a lot easier to use as there are less small buttons and confusing menus and the interface is a lot cleaner and it looks better.

Running on Windows, iTunes 11 runs quicker and doesn't take as long to load which is good because in the past it took quite a while to load up.

When playing music on your PC or Mac you just click the 'music' button on the left hand side then select the artist you want, then the track. To watch TV programs, films or view apps you can easily select them to to watch them on your computer.

Unfortunately, when trying to access the iTunes store from PC it is still unbelievably slow and when I tried it didn't actually load at all!

Trying to sync with your iPad, iPhone or iPod is also hard to as you need to do something. I honestly don't know what because the iPod Touch I bought last year is refusing to connect with it at all. Despite Googling this problem I couldn't find an answer.

In conclusion, for me iTunes 11 is perfect for playing music on my PC however the fact that it doesn't sync with my iPod makes it useless!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Saturday 1st December: In the News this Week

It's the week of Saturday 1st December 2012 and...

Sebastian Vettel wins Formula One 2012 World Championship
For most of this year Vettel has been in tough competition with Alonso from Ferrari however when he needed to pull his finger out in Brazil, he did what he needed to do. Although on the first lap Vettel got pushed into a spin and then rejoined in 24th he amazingly made up the positions and did enough to win the World Championship.
There is controversy though about an illegal overtake he might have made when the yellow flag was waving. Earlier this week Ferrari pointed it out and said that he should have the title taken off him.

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro
Yesterday, the price for the Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 Pro was announced. It is going to cost $899 and the release date is January 2013. The main difference between the RT model and the Pro is the ability to use a special pen to write on the screen with the Pro to make notes around websites and stuff like that. You get 64GB of storage standard with the Surface Pro however the battery life is only around 4 hours which is a bit pathetic.

Gangnam Style becomes most watched video on YouTube
The utterly weird video which came out of Korea during Summer is now the most watched video on YouTube beating 'Charlie bit my Finger', Adele singing at the Brit awards and Justin Bieber. Music critics are still unsure of if this will be the first of a number of successful songs or just another 'one hit wonder'.

Read this next week for more of the most important stories....