Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The consumers opinion of Windows 8

"It's confusing"
Was the first comment I got off a friend whom had just purchased a new Samsung Windows 8's laptop. The next comment was: "It looks like Windows Phone", which is also true.
Unlike me, this person has not done any research on Windows 8 and how it works, like most of civilisation, she had went out to a computer shop and bought a laptop for a good price which looks good for both specification and physical looks.

Microsoft could make hundreds of videos, articles and adverts explaining how Windows 8 works however the average person wouldn't watch them. As the average person is always busy. The average person loved Windows XP, Vista and 7 because they are ridiculously easy to use (even easier than Macs).

Having loads of gestures might have been a fatal floor by Windows. I tried to explain the multi-finger gestures on touch pads to my friend over message and they simply couldn't do it.

Unfortunately, Windows 8 has became like Mac's in the sense that they are excellent for doing the easy and simple stuff however when you move to the more advanced tasks (in Windows 8's case this means going to the option menu) everything suddenly becomes really hard and complicated to do.