Saturday, 24 November 2012

Saturday 24th November: In the News this Week

This is going to be a weekly post which covers some of the most interesting, funny and weird stories from the last week, the best bit is, they are all in one post. You don't need to be confused when you read the news every week, just get the ultimate summary every Saturday here.

So, it's the week of Saturday 24th November 2012 and this is...

Nintendo Wii U
The Nintendo Wii U was launched earlier this week and despite giving it a bad rating in my review, it's actually started to grow on me. Some of the games have been rated quite good and the app store for the Wii U is growing steadily; now there are official YouTube and Netfilx apps.
The Nintendo Wii U comes with a touch-screen 'GamePad' so you can use 2 screen to play your game. It also can connect to the Internet so you can play with friends.
Read my review here: Nintendo Wii U

Prime minister of England, David Cameron, complains about EU budget
The EU is in the news at the moment because David Cameron is claiming that the budget for the EU in the next 7 years is unrealistic. Mr Cameron says that the EU needs to ajust to the 'Real World'. However, despite this he seems willing to negotiate with them. If a deal can't be made England might even leave the EU!

Black Friday
It was the American Black Friday where people could buy discounted computers, smartphones, clothes and, well, basically everything. There were as you expect, Riots where people tried looting and breaking in however luckily most of them were caught and stopped.

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