Sunday, 18 November 2012

Nintendo Wii U

6 years since the launch of the first Nintendo Wii, Nintendo has released a number of Nintendo DS's since then however no new Wii, until now.

The new Nintendo Wii U comes with a console which is slightly bigger than the previous one (however this doesn't matter as you can just hide it under your TV) and it also comes with a GamePad.

The GamePad is an impractical touch screen controller for your Wii U which can be used in a number of ways. For example, when playing the new 'Super Mario Brothers U' you use the GamePad for everything from controlling your character to watching him move around. Which makes the TV pointless as it just mirrors what is on the GamePad screen.

One thing which made the original Wii so unique and special was how easy it was to use and how in almost every game it wanted you to move around and be active. With this new GamePad controller you just sit in one place and don't move. The original Wii controller idea was so good that XBOX and PlayStation both copied it and put a feature similar to it on their own devices (XBOX Kinect and PlayStation Move) 

Unfortunately, Nintendo has also priced this console way to high at over £200 for the 8GB model.

If anyone has ever wondered what the perfect recipe for disaster was, well this is it.

If I was in-charge of making the new Wii U, I would have released it 3 years after the last one, not half a decade later when people have moved on from Nintendo and started buying other things. I would have kept the original Wii Controller however it would have been the console it's self which I would have changed.
I would have made it a lot easier to connect to the internet and I would have added an app/game store so people can purchase cool and gimmicky stuff. I would have also made it easier to connect over the internet to play games with your friends.

Nintendo has done none of the things I would have done so I'm sad to say that this new console is going to be a massive flop and nobody is going to buy it. The games console market is too competitive to make mistakes and by the time Nintendo has realised this and made a replacement console it will be too late.