Friday, 2 November 2012

Microsoft makes a Surface

Did you see the play on words there in the title? Anyway, on October 25th 2012, Microsoft held a casual 'event' to talk about the first new Windows 8 tablet, the Microsoft Surface.

They started by showing the adverts they have been making and then they got down to business.

First they talked about the tablet design. They decided to make a 10.6-inch display because it is apparently 'the perfect expression of Windows' as it is perfect for multitasking.

It was built using over 200 custom parts and they built it from the inside out, making the batteries symmetrical and having a 16x9 aspect ratio makes the Surface uniquely perfect. They then talked about how the colours are vibrant and how the screen is powerful. Wifi is also really good

The Microsoft Surface has a USB port, SD slot and a special Surface port which can be connected to VGA and other various things.

Windows 8 also comes with Smart Glass this lets you push content like videos, music and pictures to your XBOX.

They then started to talk about apps. Netflix has an app, so has Skype. ESPN and PayPal say they are going to release one soon.

Unfortunately, since then a company called Surfcast has sued Microsoft for copying off their 'live tyle' idea which they apparently invented in the 90's.