Saturday, 3 November 2012

James Bond Skyfall

James Bond was originally made 50 years ago by a man called Ian Flemming and was about a secret agent called 007 working for MI6 in London. His boss was called 'M' and he drove expensive cars. 9 Bond actors and 23 movies later, not much has changed.

The most recent James Bond movie is called Skyfall and it came out at the end of October 2012. Like the last 2 films before that it starred Daniel Craig as 007 and Dame Judi Dench as M.

This is one of the best Bond films they have made recently as the plot is reasonably easy to understand and it has lots of action. We also find out about 007's childhood and where he grew up in Scotland. Apart from being one of the best Bond films, I'd say it is the best films released this year. Even if you haven't seen any other James Bond movies, you could watch this and be entertained. It has the perfect formula for a blood-pumping exciting movie.

Every Bond film has an iconic song to go with it, the song for Skyfall was sung by Adele. The song has had mixed views however the majority of people think it goes well with the movie.