Monday, 12 November 2012

High-flying Angry Birds Star Wars

The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio have taken an unexpected and partnered with the makers of Star Wars to produce... Angry Birds Star Wars.

This must be by far one of the best Angry Birds games to date if not the best as it combines loads of the old Angry Birds. It has the gravity element from Angry Birds space and it has completely different maps like the normal version. For anyone who has just got a smartphone and who are not sure which one of the many Angry Birds they would like to buy, I would highly recommend this one!
Even if you haven't seen any of the Star Wars films it isn't hard to work out what is going on in the games as the aim is simple; pigs are bad, throw your different coloured birds at the pigs to kill them.

One of the best things about all Angry Birds is the compatibility it has as Angry Birds Star Wars is on iPad, iPhone, Windows 8, Windows Phone and Android yet unfortunately not Blackberry (but I'd like to see you launch a bird with a keypad).