Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Google Glass has competition!

Google confirmed a few months ago that they will be making an Augmented Reality pair of glasses and since then they have found competition.
First of all these glasses mean that when you look at someone, it will use facial recognition to match them with their social networking accounts.
During July there were rumours that Apple had applied for the rights to make some glasses with nano-technology inside of them. We also found out recently that Microsoft have officially received the rights to make a pair of electronic glasses.

A woman wearing a pair of the new Google Glasses
Google Glass
The Google Glass is a project which Google has been working on for quite a while now as they don't want to mess  it up and come up with a failing product. At the moment we know that they have a touch-pad on the right hand side where you can slide you fingers and do gestures.
The Google Glasses also have the amazing ability to take photos and videos of whatever you're looking at. Google+ and Google+ Hangouts are also supported so you can video chat with people and they can see whatever you are looking at.

The Possibilities are endless
As long as the glasses are connected to the Internet you could potentially set up an app store and I have some brilliant ideas for Augmented Reality apps...

A calculator: Simply write down a sum or equation and then look at it with your glasses and the answer appears in the glass. The camera on the glasses recognises numbers and symbols to work this out.

A word search finder: Once again as long as the camera recognises letters, you could program it to match the letters with words in the dictionary so the glasses draws an Augmented Reality line down the words you may be looking for.

The Date
Unfortunately Google have not released a date when the glasses will be finished and it will take Microsoft at least another couple of years to develop their pair.
I'm personally looking forward to their release because I can't wait for the day when I can actually believe that I have technology like Iron-Man!