Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Essentials for small Businesses

Now I'm not a business expert (yet) however I know a great deal about technology and the internet, so here we go...

If you own a small business or about to set one up, here is my advice of some things you will need to consider and think about.
Make sure you are clear about what your product or service is and make sure it is reasonably priced. People don't want to buy something that they don't need and they definitely don't want to pay to much if they decide they do need it.
From a social point of view it may be worth having your business set up on some social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, you can take it from there. On social networks you can publish offers, information and updates about your business so people who like your product or service are kept upto date. If you have a business where you can make videos about your business it might also be worth having a YouTube account to share the videos.
Computer wise, most businesses can be ran on a Windows PC however if your business is growing or becoming more complex it might be worth investing in a MacBook or an iMac as they are extremely quick and professional. (I would not recommend Windows 8 as it is more for personal use rather than business.)
Advertising is also a key factor for success  Billboards and posters have had their day and the best advertising is now on the web. Google offers an extremely cheap and worthwhile advertising scheme where your advert pops up at the top or right hand side of search results.