Friday, 30 November 2012

5 bits of tech I couldn't live without

It is fair to say that I use technology quite a lot and I write lots of reviews and posts about it so here are 5 bits of tech I couldn't live without...

Alarm Clock
I use an alarm clock almost every day and as long as you have a nice tune to wake you up they are awesome. I don't have an expensive one, or one that monitors my sleeping as I don't need that because it would just be something else to waste my time. My alarm clock wakes me up, then I can turn it off for another 24 hours until I need it again. Simples.

People Hub on Windows Phone
I have a HTC Radar running Windows Phone 7.5 and I have had that phone for over 6 months now, one of the things I love about it is 'People Hub' which combines my Twitter and Facebook feed into 1 easy to read stream. From that stream I can 'like', retweet, reply or comment on any posts I might see. 'People Hub' also saves my Facebook and Twitter contacts into my phone book so I can connect them. This means that with a click of a button I can see my best-friends latest post no matter what social network it is on.

For both uploading and watching videos, YouTube is a pretty awesome tool. I love uploading video's and being able to easily see the response they get. I also enjoy watching the video's of those I am subscribed to. YouTube is really easy to use so even young children can use it and the verity it has is unbelievable. I can go from watching a Korean man dance to watching children bite each-others fingers within seconds.

I love making and editing short movies and video's and iMovie is the best way to do it. You just import what you need then it's as simple as drag and drop to create beautiful  almost Oscar winning films. Unfortunately it is exclusive to Apple devices however it is definitely worth splashing out and getting a Mac if you are an avid film maker.

I love taking pictures and Instagram is my favourite way to share them. I love photography and I like it to be pure without desperately pushing your photo's too much, that's why I don't hashtag any of my photos. But feel free to follow me @papermail7 
Instagram is also amazing for the wide verity of filters it offers to make your photos look better and unique.

So there you go; 5 bits of tech I couldn't live without.