Thursday, 1 November 2012

10 reasons why the Microsoft Surface is better than the iPad

The new, super thin Microsoft Surface with
 a kickstand and keyboard.
Both the Microsoft Surface and the iPad 4 cost £399 and they are both tablets however that is where the similarities end. They are made by 2 different companies and that mean that the operating systems are as different as cabbage stew and Aslan from Narnia.

The reason why this is a biased post is because in my opinion the tablet market should be 50/50 between Apple and Microsoft.* Microsoft makes an equally good (if not better) tablet and just because Apple got there a few years earlier, I don't want people to immediately assume that the iPad is better.

*As for Google and Android, they can just stay with mobile phones because their tablets are like slush. They are not quite snow and they are not quite rain. They are useless for everybody!

1) Screen Size
The iPad has a screen size of 9.7-inches and the Surface has a 10.6-inch screen. For £399 you want as much as you can get and that is why the Microsoft Surface is better.

2) Microsoft Office
With the Microsoft Surface you get the full version of Microsoft Office 2012 which includes a special touch optimized version of Word, Powerpoint, OneNote and Excel. Outlook e-mail is also built in with calendar and more new things. With the iPad you either need to pay extra for the special Apple versions of these or you need to find another app which does the job.

3) Storage
As standard the iPad comes with only 16GB of storage, the Surface doubles that and comes with 32GB built in.

4) Extra Storage
If like me you use up computer storage really quickly, you'll probably own an external hard drive or a memory stick. In the iPad there is nowhere for these to plug in however in the Microsoft Surface there is a USB port on the side you can use. There is also a hidden SD-card slot underneath the kickstand on the back for you to save photos, videos and music onto.

5) Keyboard
I'll admit that typing on a touch-screen is not the easiest thing in the world and that is why Microsoft have released a whole range of keyboards that are compatible with the Surface. They cost extra however they are definitely worth it because all you need to do is click them in. Simple as that - no wires needed.

6) Built in social feeds
With the Microsoft Surface and all Windows 8 devices in fact  you don't need to install separate apps for Twitter and Facebook because they are available in your 'People Hub', this is where your contacts are saved and it synchronizes all of your contacts social networking accounts automatically!

7) Kickstand
When you are watching a movie you don't always wanting to be holding your tablet (like what you have to do with an iPad). Luckily, with the Microsoft Surface you can open the stand up at the back and then that holds the screen up for you.

8) Live Updates
The Microsoft Surface has live tiles, this means that any new e-mail, social update or news that you get comes up instantly on your 'Start' page. The tiles update in realtime so you never miss anything interesting.

If you own an Xbox and want to build up your gamerpoints, the Microsoft Surface is perfect for that as most of the games you download are Xbox integrated so everytime you level-up you get some more G!

10) Multi-tasking
With the iPad, it is possible to have 2 apps running at the same time however not side by side. With the iPad you need to pick one or the other. This is not the case with Surface. With surface you can be recording a video whilst taking notes, or finding out what the weather is in New York whilst surfing the web; the possibilities are endless.