Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nokia Lumia 510 & other Windows Phone rumours

On Tuesday 23rd October 2012 the Nokia Lumia 510 was announced. It runs Windows Phone 7.5 at the moment and it has a 4-inch screen. It has a 5MP camera and all the Nokia Apps however the best thing about it is the price; at only $199 this makes Windows Phone more affordable which will hopefully make it more popular.
Like most Nokia Lumia's it also comes in a variety of colours which is good if you want your phone to be unique and recognisable. The release date has not been confirmed and we are still unsure whether it will run Windows Phone 8 or not.

Rumours of a Microsoft Surface phone have been floating around recently however the evidence behind the rumours is extremely weak so unfortunately the chances of a Surface phone are slim.

There has also been rumours from Evleaks that Huawei might be making a Windows Phone 8. Huawei is a Chinees smartphone company which has recently been accused of breaking consumers privacy in the US. The accusations have now been dropped though.
Anyway their rumoured Windows Phone is called the Ascend W1 and in the picture provided by Evleaks it is in cyan Blue.