Thursday, 11 October 2012

New Nano

The old iPod Nano was amazing. It was a perfect square with curved corners and you could get awesome cases for it to make it look like a watch. With the new iPod Nano, consumers were hoping for something like the Pebble watch (so it notifies you when you had a new message or email on your phone via bluetooth.)
Unfortunately the New iPad Nano is less Nano and more like a squished iPod Touch as it is now a rectangle with a 2.5-inch screen. It also has it's own new operating system which Apple is calling the 'iPod Nano OS' which includes a lot of circles. 
Music lovers were also hoping that you would be able to stream music to your iPod Nano instead of having to plug it into your PC or Mac everytime you want a new track. We might need to wait another year for this.
Despite this, unfortunately it is still the best thing on the market to listen music through. Companies like Sony produce good MP3 players however none are to the high quality of the iPod Nano.