Monday, 22 October 2012

Microsoft Apps in Apps

One of the main features that Microsoft is highlighting in Office 2013 is apps that you can embed into your word, excel, outlook or powerpoint document. This sounds like a great idea for Powerpoint so you can integrate Bing Maps, it's also a plus for Word so you are able to look information up without leaving the app however I don't see the positives for any other program in Office 2013, no doubt there will be some though.

I don't get what apps you will get in Outlook, if you want to research something it is really easy to just 'Bing it' on Windows 8 and if you want to embed a link to maps you may as well just copy and paste the url. If the person you are sending the email to doesn't have Outlook 2013 you are pretty much stuffed if you start using fancy apps to send them simple stuff.

I also think, that this could be something great if enough people used Office 2013 and if you want to make a clean looking business presentation then the apps will come in really handy. Even for some of the out of the ordinary stuff like embedding a live Olympics medal table or an American Election tracker. There is an app for that.

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