Monday, 8 October 2012

All for one

As brands and shops become ever so competitive you may not have realised that slowly some shops and brands are going bust and having to shut down. This happened to Woolworths and has more recently happened to JJB (it almost happened to Game to). 
Earlier this month Google took over Microsoft as the 2nd richest tech company which means that slowly Microsoft is becoming less popular. With Windows 8 not looking that promising, Microsoft is relying on Windows Phone 8 which is luckily looking amazing however they can't put all of their eggs into that basket.

I think that in the future there will be one shop for everything. For example  you want a computer - you go to Apple, you want a phone - you go to HTC, you want a new tracksuit - go to Sports Direct, you want a birthday card - you go to WHSmith and the list will continue until slowly the margin between small and large businesses will be huge. There won't even be a place for medium businesses as the rich companies will have just bought them.