Sunday, 9 September 2012

Windows Phone - Not helping themselves

Windows Phone is the growing smartphone operating system which has just released a new version called Windows Phone 8. They announced some more of the key features of the system at the same time as Nokia announced their first Windows 8 Phone.

Windows Phone 8 only holds around 3% of the smartphone market, which is rubbish compared to it's competitors. Despite this, Windows Phone isn't helping themselves.

So far, only Nokia and Samsung have released Windows 8 phones (HTC to follow soon) and Windows offered no support whatsoever to Samsung. Instead they just left them to it.
On the other hand, Windows helped Nokia so much, they even shared the same press conference. I expect HTC will share the same amount of support that Samsung did. Why on earth are Windows only pushing one manufacturer of their phones?

Another thing, here is a question that got asked to Nokia at their press conference about the new Samsung ATIV Windows Phone 8:

Q: How do you feel about Samsung stealing your thunder with the Ativ Windows Phone 8 announcement.

A: Anyone can go on stage and announce a product. We're proud to show a phone that's fully working with features that set us apart. We're pleased to show the "first working Windows Phone 8 product."

In my opinion, the senior team at Windows who organised the joint event with Nokia should have told the Nokia team that if they got a question about other Windows 8 Phones, don't put them down like they are complete rubbish. Instead say that they have taken a different rough to Nokia or that they would rather not comment on competition phones.

The comment won't effect the selling of Windows Phone 8, however if Windows keeps failing to support other companies which make hardware for them, it might be a fatal move causing the manufacturers to stop making phones for Windows.