Thursday, 13 September 2012

What I need Google to do...

You may already be aware that I run a newspaper and I think it would be brilliant if I could edit and make my newspaper using Google Drive. This way, I can assess the newspaper whenever because it is online and more than one person can work on the newspaper at the same time.
What I am wanting to happen is for Google Drive and Microsoft Publisher to have a baby. It would be perfect if it had the features and feel of Microsoft Publisher 2003 (because the 2007 and 2010 versions are rubbish  and it has all the Google Drive extras like being able to revert a document to a previous version really easily.
I think the reason this hasn't been done before is because all Microsoft Publisher files are huge because they contain so many graphics and pictures causing it to run extremely slow on some computers. Remember though, we are entering the age of ultra-books so if Google made an online version it should run pretty fast on most computers.
This might even be a job for Skydrive since they have recently launched their new Office 13 apps and they allow multiple users to edit the same document at any one time. I just think Google will do a better job of it though (if it were ever going to happen) because they have simplicity at the heart of the business and they won't over complicate things.