Saturday, 29 September 2012

The most expected iPhone yet

Over half a month ago Apple released the iPhone 5 and despite iOS6 and Apple Maps getting negative reviews, the iPhone 5 has been a hit with over 2 million people pre-ordering it and the responce being extreemly positive.
Despite this, on the 12th September 2012 when the iPhone 5 was announced there was nothing which surprised us. Rumours had spoilt everything. A 4-inch screen, 4G and Facetime over a cellular network was stuff that we already knew or what  rumours had said.
When the New iPad was released in March, Apple said that they didn't call it the iPad 3 becuase that would have been too predictable so why didn't Apple make some crazy feature last minute to throw into the iPhone 5 which would have surprised us a bit (or atleast called it the 'New iPhone' or something like that). Apple is making no sence.
I think Apple should make a department for making fake rumours and fake iPhones for the press just so we do get a bit of excitement at the next Apple conferance.

Also, in the last week a first rumour came out for the 4th iPad, apparenly it's going to have a flexible screen. That should be good. I'll post more about rumours on that soon.