Sunday, 9 September 2012

Italian Grand Prix

The Italian Grand Prix at Monza is one of the Grand Prix's that have been around for ages. It has extremely long straights and after them there is extremely tight corners. It was a McLaren 1,2 in qualifying with Hamilton starting in pole position followed by Button, Massa and Schumacher. Webber was the only driver we expected to see in the top 10 but didn't. He started 11th.

After a clean formation lap everyone got off to a good start, (compared to Belgium, anything is a good start) with no drivers retiring after the first corner. It didn't take long until Hamilton started to build up a lead for himself. Before the 5th lap he was already 1.4 seconds in front of Massa who was coming 2nd. Schumacher started the race struggling and as predicted, before long Alonso took over him for 4th place. An unusual thing happened down the home straight to Vergne as one of his tyres locked up whilst he was travelling in a straight line causing him to go spinning up into the air however not taking anyone else with him.
During lap 12 Mark Webber took over Paul Di-Resta for 10th position putting him in the points although it is irrelevant at this stage as no-one had pitted yet. Schumacher got told by his team to pick up the pace after another car took over him however he didn't have much time to race as cars started getting their first pit stop on lap 14.
Meanwhile at the very front of the race, Jenson Button took over Felipe Massa for 2nd. By this time Hamilton was 6 seconds in front of the rest of the pack, when he pitted Sergio Perez temporarily took the lead however after his pit stop Hamilton increased the gap again to 11 seconds between him and the person in 2nd place.
Sebastian Vettel got an alarming message from his team towards the end of the race telling him to immediately stop the car because his engine was going to over heat.
It was in the last 5 laps that the 2 Mercedes cars of Schumacher and Rosberg started to do a lot of take-overs however it was too little, too late.
2 laps before the end of the race there was a disaster for the other Red Bull car, it looked like one of Webber's tyres locked up causing him to slide off the track, when he rejoined he was in 10th position however his team thought it would be wise to just bring him into the pits to retire. I wouldn't have wanted to be Christian Horner this weekend.
Hamilton won the race followed by Perez and Alonso. Hamilton seemed untouchable this weekend from qualifying causing him to have his first ever win at Monza and his 20th overall Grand Prix victory.
In the overall standings Alonso is still winning however thanks to his victory, Hamilton is now coming 2nd. The driver of the day for me though needs to be Sergio Perez making it from 12th to 2nd.