Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Is there any weather Britain can cope with?

In the North of England there is currently vast amounts of rain coming from the heavens which is causing loads of roads to be closed and in extreme cases flooded houses. There are 850 calls to the AA every hour and the Met Office has issued an amber weather warning (which no-one knows what it means).
Watching the rain bounce of the car window, it made me think. Is there any weather Britain can actually cope with?
Rain, as I know from this week causes many people to struggle to travel around since so many main roads are closed. There is the same story with snow and ice. People can't and won't travel in those conditions either. There is an advantage to that, as you can have snowball fights instead, but that is beside the point.
When there was too much sun, like earlier this year, there was a hose pipe ban in London because there wasn't enough water in reservoirs to last us the rest of the year.
Finally, there is the usual British weather which is grey, mild and sometimes damp too. This causes the whole nation to complain how we don't get a good summer.
In conclusion, Britain doesn't have a favorite weather condition however it is more convenient for everyone if it stays boring like it usually is.