Sunday, 23 September 2012

Inspiring the future (as long as it's in the curriculum)

Teachers always say that their goal is to inspire students and they can do that easily in History, Art, Music and other subjects along those lines. That is all well and good however they may be missing massive opportunities by no fault of their own.

Google recently released an advert on YouTube where they said that in 2020 there will be over 1 million jobs in computer science. This is making computers, software's, apps and websites. They also said in the advert that you should go and ask your School ICT administrators why the school doesn't teach computer science as it is such an important thing in the world. The answer to this is, they can't. Not in the UK at least anyway. The government is currently highlighting the importance of academic subjects instead of stuff like Computer Science. Teachers are under so much pressure to make sure that pupils perform well in the academic subjects, they don't have time or patience to teach Computer Science.

There is literally no awareness in Britain that jobs in Computer Science exist. There will be students getting high marks in subjects like Art and Music all the way through to university, some will end up getting a job in those subjects however a majority wont. However if instead they picked computer Science, then the job possibilities would be endless.

The world is evolving to being on the web and it might surprise the people in Britain but it's not automatic. Twitter has over 300 employees, Facebook has over 2000, Google has 24,000 and Microsoft has a staggering 94,290 employees. I'll admit that some of them work in the shops however for the people who engineer the software, websites and apps, they will be making loads!

There is the same problem with engineering because it's not a subject which is taught in schools. I'll admit that there are a few Science organisations that have engineering days where pupils get to learn what it's like to be an engineer however it is not something which is taught at secondary school.

A pupil might have potential in computer science or engineering however they might never know as long as the curriculum doesn't include even taster sessions of these.