Thursday, 9 August 2012

Windows 8 Tablets

If you like the idea of having a metro styled computer with integrated social networks and Microsoft Office however dislike the Microsoft Surface, there are more options.

The Microsoft Surface was the biggest Windows 8 tablet PC to be announced. Made my Micrsoft, it was announced a few months ago and got mixed reactions. Some people reckon it is going to be amazing and it has some really practical features however other people are saying that it is trying too hard to beat the iPad.
The Microsoft Surface has a It has a HD screen, USB ports and it will run Windows 8 RT or Windows 8 Pro depending on how many features you want and how much you want to pay. It has a unique stand with a camera on which comes out of the back and a magnetic keyboard which also can be used as a screen cover.
If you don't fancy the Microsoft Surface, don't worry, there are alternatives from other manufactures who have discreetly jumped on the Windows 8 ship.

Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2
One of theses is a company called 'Lenovo' and they have made the new 'Thinkpad Tablet 2' (not the best name for a computer). Inside, the tablet has an Intel Atom Chip (which is very good) and it is only 0.39 of an inch thick. It weighs 1.3 pounds and it has a 10.1-inch screen.
This tablet is ideal for business people because it is light weight and only runs Windows 8 Pro so you only get the absolute best out off your apps.
Despite the dodgy name, the Thinkpad Tablet 2 has some good specs, it has 2 mini HDMI and USB 2.0 ports, a microSD card slot and stereo speakers. If you want, it can have 3G/4G connectivity, an NFC (near-field communication) chip and a keyboard dock.
The biggest gimmic is a fingerprint reader. It is quite random as I can't immediately think of anything that a fingerprint reader is useful for.
Acer Aspire S7 13.3

The well trusted brand Acer, has made a whole range of Windows 8 products including an ultra-book range, desktop range and a tablet range. The Aspire S7 ultra-book range has a 13.3-inch model and a 11.6-inch model. Both ultra-book are the thinnest and smallest ultra-books on the market although they both have HD.
The first tablet from Acer is called the Iconia W510, it also has a 10.1-inch touchscreen and promises up to 18 hours of battery life.
It's big brother the Iconia W700 has a 11.6-inch display and full HD. It is also built into a cradle so you can adjust the viewing angle.
Finally, the all-in-one desktop range is called the Aspire U Series. The Aspire 7600U has a massive 27-inch touch screen and a display that can be rotated 90 degrees. There is a smaller version with a 23-inch display. Both systems support full-HD and Dolby Surround Sound technology.

One thing unknown about all of these Windows 8 PC's is the price. That is the most important factor with all of the Windows 8 computers. If the price is too much more than the iPad, then it is a pretty much guaranty that nobody will buy it.