Monday, 6 August 2012

Why Britain is going to run out of good athletes

At the moment the Team GB athletes at the Olympics have made Britain proud however I'm worried about the future.
In 2010 NHS statistics showed that 17% of boys and 15% of girls between the ages of 2 and 15 were obese. I think this has had an effect on sports organisations and schools.
When it comes to sports day at the end of the year the year these children are coming last so teachers, carers and parents are telling all children that 'it is all about taking part'.
This doesn't motivate the children who ran the fastest who have the potential to become athletes at all. Instead, it leads them to think that it doesn't matter about winning and loosing, therefore not taking sport seriously.
I learnt this point when I was playing tennis with my mate and I got thrashed so at the end I said 'It's the taking park what counts' and then he taught me that it is stupid thinking like that.
In conclusion it is all about the winning and trying your hardest to get your personal best and then beat other people not just the percentage of kids who are obese. With this determination you will have a stronger change off becoming a successful Olympian or sportsman.