Wednesday, 29 August 2012


E-books, in my opinion, simply aren't very good. You can get books cheep on them however the screens aren't very good and most of them don't work in the dark.
You might need an e-book though. They are sleek, so you don't need to carry a thick book around with you and they can hold hundreds of books, so you can carry a whole library around in your pocket.
E-books can be made a lot better quite easily and below I explain what I would do if I was to launch an e-book company.

1) No plastic border - The whole front is a screen, just like a real book. It senses where your fingers are and it wraps the text to make sure that your fingers aren't obstructing the book.
2) The whole back is a screen too, however the back displays the cover of the book so people don't need to ask you what you're reading (just like what would happen with a real book)
3) It smells of the book - The smell of paper from a book is a wonderful smell and by rubbing the screen it sends out a small burst of the tree smell.
4) It has 2 screens, one for the left page of your book and one for the right page of your book.
5) To turn the page you flick your finger along the right hand page.
6) To turn it on and off you close the book for over 2 minuets or open the book for 2 minuets, then when you open the book, it only takes a few seconds to turn on and then it resumes in the same place of the book where you were. If you close the book for less than 2 minuets it just puts the e-book to sleep.
Below is a diagram (still haven't decided the scale yet)

If you like my idea or think I should add anything feel free to tweet to me.