Saturday, 18 August 2012

Microsoft Updates

As I predicted a few weeks ago when was launched, Skydrive has now also been revamped as well. It has the same Modern* scheme as Outlook and People and it has been cleaned up so it is easier to use features. The new Skydrive now makes it a lot easier to download, share or embed your pictures and files however when editing files online it still uses the old web app.
Also, if you have any computers running the Skydrive software, it is now integrated in so you can assess any of your files for free online. (In my opinion a feature which we have needed for a long time, so thank you Microsoft)

*I say Modern because since Microsoft found some copyright issues with using the word 'Metro' the word has been banned from any Windows 8 app. The people who apparently own the rights live in Germany.

Finally, Dell and Samsung have confirmed that they will be joining Lenovo and Acer in making Windows 8 devices. They haven't specified if they will make PC's or Tablets however it is good to see that people wanting a Windows 8 device will have more choice than just the Microsoft Surface that is due to be released on October 26th.