Sunday, 19 August 2012


Aviary is a photo editing website which has recently released an iPhone, Android and Windows Phone app. The website is not part of a small new business, in-fact it has been around for a while now. However this doesn't mean that it isn't modern. The website has been revamped recently and it's dropped some of its old services to focus more on photo editing.
The old Aviary website which gave you the opportunity to edit audio and make music is being dropped from September 2012 so if you want access to those features, I'd go there quick.

Aviary on the web offers great tools for both beguines and experts in the photo editing field however since the new update the the website, you now need to sign up to use the tools.

The app though allows you to add stickers to your photo, crop, change the orientation and enhance your photo. You can also add effects, by clicking on this it gives you ways to change your picture, (this looks extremely similar to the effects on Intagram though).
Avairy gives you a lot more options than Instagram. It even gives you the choice to purchase more if you want. It has no photo sharing features like what Instagram does however it makes up for that in it's ability to change the sharpness of a photo or even get rid of red-eye.

In conclusion, I'm quite upset that Aviary has decided to stop so many of it's services however by making apps which are compatible with most mobile platforms, this will make it more popular for budding photographers.