Wednesday, 4 July 2012

YouView: Too much and too late.

Yesterday I wrote being optimistic about YouView and what in my opinion it would need to do to succeed. However when it was officially launched this morning we found out that unfortunately it is going to cost little under £300 and for that money you could get a Sky Subscription for 14 months. And for that you would also be able to watch TV on your iPad, iPhone or laptop to. Along with broadband and calls.
Lord Sugar claims though that this is the first 'all singing, all dancing' model and it will probably decrease in price in the next couple of years. He also criticises Google's TV box saying it is just an internet browser on the TV.
Many people will agree when I say that YouView would have been great in 2010. Just when the iPhone 4 was about to come out and there were not smart TV's. Problem is, now it is 2012 there are loads of smart TV's to pick from.
In a way I almost feel sorry for YouView because I really want it to do well because so many companies have worked together to make a unique service like this. But unfortunately the price is too much and the box is too late.