Saturday, 7 July 2012

Silverstone Grand Prix

Formula 1 isn't the only thing at Silverstone this weekend, there is also a lot of rain. Already people have been turned away if they are turning up in a car as all the available parking space has been taken and the rest is waterlogged.
During practise 3 this morning, the weather on the track was damp however it was not raining. The sun even got out a bit with Alonso doing the fastest lap in 1:32.167. The track is certainly testing the drivers this weekend as proved when during practise 3, Alonso went too far onto the curb and skidded around to a stop. However he wasn't the only one making little mistakes, there were Lotus's, Marussia's and other cars making slips.
If the track is damp tomorrow afternoon when it's the race, it will challenge the drivers hopefully making an exciting race. Canada last year had a lot of rain and it gave us a surprise result and hopefully that will happen this weekend.