Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix took place on Sunday 29th July 2012, 1 week after the German Grand Prix and Hamilton had pole position followed by Grosjean, Vettel and Button. They had 2 formation laps because of an aborted start. Schumacher's car did not start on the grid so he needed to start from the pit lane.
When the race did finally start Lewis Hamilton kept his position around the first corner and by the end of the first lap, Jenson Button got in front of Vettel.
After another 69 laps, Hamilton finished 1st closely followed by Raikkonen and Grosjean (Both Lotus drivers). Vettel and Alonso unfortunately finished in front Button.
This was Lewis Hamilton's 5th Podium finish of 2012 however Red Bull is still winning the constructors championship with McLaren-Mercedes in 2nd, one point off Lotus closely following behind in 3rd.
Formula 1 is now having a 5 week break over August when they will return in September in Belgium.