Sunday, 29 July 2012

5 reasons why fire, water and a wooden box is better than a £9000 kitchen

Last week I went camping and I learnt that having fancy electronic kitchen gadgets are a bit pointless when you can have your whole kitchen plus more as just a fire, some water and a wooden box.

1) Microwaves - Who needs weird and confusing settings when you can warm up most foods by putting them in a dry frying pan on the side of the fire. You don't need to go searching around to find out how long you should put the food in the microwave for. You can just touch it every couple of minutes to see if it is warm or not. Alternatively, if you know how long the food needs to be microwaved, you can wrap it in tin foil and put it at the side of a fire.

2) Fridges - Everything that you keep in a fridge can be kept in a cool wooden box unless it is milk when it is advisable to keep it in a bucket of cold water. Fridges use lots of electricity and power to keep everything cold however with the wooden box, it is naturally cold and dry in there.

3) Bins - Everybody gets waste food which most people just put in a bin however if you burn it on a fire it gives you warmth for a while and it helps the environment because it means that your sausage roll isn't getting put into a land fill site to decompose. Which brings me onto my next point...

4) No doubt you will have central heating in your house and kitchen. That is unessential when you have a fire because, apart from plastic, everything burns quite well. Fires give off heat so if it is a cold day you burn more stuff on the fire and sit closer to it. Alternatively, if it is a hot day you sit away from the fire and only go close to it when you need to cook. This saves expensive heating bills because it puts the power in your hands to only make heat when you need it.

5) Entertainment - I can guaranty that it is more fun watching your uneaten food burn slowly in a fire than simply chucking it in a bin and waiting for the bin men to come.