Sunday, 29 July 2012

5 reasons why a £9000 kitchen is better than a fire, some water and a wooden box

I went camping last week and I realised how much I missed my normal kitchen so here is a list of reasons why a home kitchen is better than a camp one.

1) Freezer - It is extremely difficult to freeze foods at camp unless it is winter. Freezers are useful to preserve foods as unfortunately I'm not allowed to eat all the food we buy within the first 3 days of having it.

2) Rain - When you are cooking at camp and it rains you can't take your fire inside or anything like that or you would fill that room with smoke. Luckily when you are at home, you have a roof above your head so when it rains it goes into the gutters and drains away.

3) You don't stink of smoke after cooking - Every fire produces smoke that will make all of your clothes smell of smoke. Unfortunately you don't realise this when you're camping; you realise it when you are in a public place and suddenly everyone starts complaining about really bad smoke smells. At a kitchen at home, there is no fire so it means all of your clothes remain smelling of whatever washing powder you choose to use.

4) Blender - Apart from if you have loads of batteries that you are willing to waste, you can't blend foods together because you have no electricity. This means that making thick tomato soup with no lumps is extremely hard.

5) Hygiene and practical - How hygienic is it to sit on the floor cooking? Not very. And there is no doubt that sometime during that meal, the smoke will blow into your face and you will inhale it or it will go into your eyes and sting.

In conclusion. I'm honestly not that bothered where I cook as long as the food is tasty. I do think though that cooking on a fire takes a lot more skill and it is a lot more fun.