Wednesday, 11 July 2012

5 Best iPad Apps

For ages I have wanted to do a blog about my favourite iPad apps and I have finally got round to doing it. So I have carefully thought about this and I've decided that this is my top 5:

5. Storify
If you don't already use Storify this app may seem a little pointless but you should sign up and start using it.
Not many people keep a diary any more because they post what they are doing onto social networks such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Storify allows you to get all of your content about a certain subject or event and put it into a sort of timeline which you can share with your friends if you want. It is a simple drag and drop to add content to the timeline's and you can drop almost anything into the timeline's. This app is in the top 5 because I like looking back on my old status's, photo's and videos from family holidays.
4. Google Chrome
This app only came out for Apple devices in the last couple of weeks and it has been a major success hitting number 1 on the iPhone and iPad app marketplace. The reason it has done so well so quickly is because it is the most popular Internet Browser for computers currently. Google Chrome on the iPad it allows you to sync your tabs with other Google Chrome devices, it is a simple swipe to go back a page and most importantly, it is quicker at loading pages than Safari (The default iPad browser made by Apple)
3. Lego Harry Potter
I was quite surprised when this popular console game was released on iPad because the major concern was that it would be hard to use with just a touch screen. However surprisingly it is easy to move your character, cast spells and change your character. At a small price you can explore the amazing world of Harry Potter and defeat Voldemort.
2. Zeebox
This is one of those apps where you don't realise that you need it until you have it.
For decades people watched TV without being on social networks at the same time however recently it has started. It is hard in the Twitter app just looking for mentions of the program you are watching because you can only search for one thing at a time and it tells you no information about the program whatsoever. However with Zeebox, it puts a live twitter stream of tweets about your program into a single column surrounded by information about the program such as the cast, facts about the show and sometimes even funny pictures. Zeebox is a brilliant app because everything works as it should and once you have sorted a few things out and logged into your social networks it just takes on click to be reading funny comments about 'Embarrassing Bodies' or debating with your friends about issues on 'Loose Women'.
1. Flipboard
Probably the best possible way to combine all of your social and news feeds into an easy to read app. Just swipe your finger from right to left to read some of the highlights of your networks and the news. The app allows you to post Tweets and Status's easily and lets you retweet, like and comment on content as well.

If you want to find out for yourself what these apps are like just download them from the Apple app store on iPad.