Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Windows Phone 8

As I Windows Phone user myself, I love the unique operating system with the Metro styled apps and the feel of the mobile phones compared to Andriod phones.
Only a few days after the launch of the first Windows 8 laptop (Microsoft Surface) it was the Windows Phone Summit where we found out that the next generation of Windows Phones will be extremely compatible with Windows 8.
They are combining the phone and PC app market so that it is easier for developers to make apps for different devices. I honestly think that this is a brilliant idea so there are lots more apps added to both app stores.
They are giving HD support to the phones, adding SD ports so you can add more storage space and adding Internet Explorer 10. Internet Exporter 10 now warns you about dangerous websites and physhing sites.
Games on Windows Phones aren't the best however with Windows Phone 8 they are enabling phone game designers to make awsome looking games easier.
Apple recently announced 'PassBook' on iOS6 which can store coupons and vouchers.Windows Phone 8 is doing the same but more. Windows Phone 8 is able to hold loyalty cards, credit and debit cards and they will all come with NFC technology!
The Nokia Mapping software is coming as standard and they are changing the Start Screen so there will now be 3 different sizes of apps. Current Windows Phone 7.5 apps will work fine on WP8 which is good too.
Skype is getting integrated so that calls are easy to make and your contacts are synced.
Microsoft announces the Company Hub, which is a custom app each company can build for various stuff they want to distribute to employees.
Group-shot and timer are being added to the camera features and some upgrades to Nokia Music, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive.
After 3 years, the Windows Phone app market now has 100,000 apps and Zynga are bringing 'Words with Friends' and 'Draw Something' to the market place later this year!
Unfortunately they are not allowing current Windows Phone 7.5 users to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. Instead they are making Windows Phone 7.8 which will still have the new start screen features.

In conclusion, I am extremely disappointed I won't be able to upgrade my HTC Radar to Windows Phone 8 (and I don't think new Nokia Lumia customers will be happy about that either) however ignoring that fact for a second, Windows Phone 8 looks amazing and hopefully this will help them dominate more than the current 3% of the smartphone market.