Monday, 4 June 2012

iPhone 5 and IOS6

I've been looking at some rumours and some pictures of what the iPhone 5 and what iOS 6 might look like and I've put together some rumours which I hope come true.
First one is probably the most common rumour, I hope that the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen. The current iPhone screen is 3.5 inches and comparing that size to the current average smart phone it is on the smaller size.
Facebook, more users than Twitter and the original social network. Apparently they were trying to get integration with Facebook for iOS5 however they ran out of time so hopefully we will see integration on iOS 6. The integration will hopefully allow you to post your iPhones pictures directly to Facebook, post your location from the maps app and hopefully much more.
Talking about maps, there is a rumour that the next iPhone will no longer feature google maps, instead it may include Apples own new mapping system. I don't know what the advantages of this would be however if it made by Apple it will obviously be 'revolutionary'. Google maps for iPhone has loads of options and features such as street view and options to share your location via Twitter, email and messaging.
Finally, I hope that they give Siri to iOS 6 so you can update your iPhone 4, iPod 4 and iPad 2 and 3 and get access to the smart voice system. Apple may not do this though because Siri is the main unique selling point for the iPhone 4S and it might stop people from buying it so I doubt that it'll be in iOS 6.