Monday, 11 June 2012

iOS 6

With the latest Apple operating system (iOS6) coming out in Autumn I though I’d tell you about some of the main features.
Finally, Facebook integration is included. This means you can post photos, your location, app information and web pages straight to Facebook from your Apple device.
Next is the new Apple mapping app replacing Google Maps. The new app gives you and Ariel 3D view of some parts of the world, it speaks turn-by-turn directions and by clicking a building where a business is it can tell you information about the business and how to contact them.
A new app called ‘Passbook’ has been made for iOS6 which allows you to store tickets, store cards and even boarding passes. This idea probably came from a news story a few months ago where a man was able to pass a border by just a photo of his passport on his iPad.
Sharing photos with friends through ‘photostream’ has been added allowing your friends to view and comment on your photos from their Mac, Internet Browser or Apple TV. I don’t know how much of a success this will be as there are already hundreds of photo sharing sites but then again, this one is made by Apple.
So, with new features and improvements I think this operating system will keep Apple dominating the smartphone market.