Saturday, 9 June 2012

Edinburgh Zoo

After a recent visit to Edinburgh where I visited the Castle, the Zoo and 'Camera Obscura and World of Illusion' I learnt that Edinburgh was a lot more than Scottish tat shops selling funny tartan berets and kilts.
I need to admit though that the Castle was pretty standard, I don't know if that is because I didn't get an audio guide or if it is because the only good thing was the surrounding view of the city (below).

Next door to the castle was 'Camera Obscura and World of Illusion'. A Camera Obscura is a mirror on a pole on the top of a building reflecting the image onto other mirrors and through lenses onto a circular table in the building. This doesn't use any electricity however it produces amazing images. They have one in Edinburgh which allowed me to see all the way from the bottom of the Royal Mile to the top of the extinct Edinburgh Volcano.
However the highlight of the trip must have been Edinburgh Zoo. Last year the zoo paid millions of pounds to get 2 Chinese giant Pandas and when we went to see them they seemed a bit bored however it is the only place in Britain where you are able to see them. They had an indoor and outdoor section both with a glass wall so visitors can look in however I'm surprised that their space wasn't bigger. Also in the Zoo was lots of monkeys, some of which looked like people who I know, others cuter. The Rhino's were one of the more lively creatures to watch as they were fighting in pool of water.
I wonder if there is regulations stating the minimum living space for zoo animals. Although the Zoo was brilliant, there was so many animals it seemed that they were all a bit cramped... apart from the Zebra's who seemed to have acres of space.
I did come across a Tiger at the Zoo. This animal was also half asleep but never the less good to see. Best animal for me was probably the humongous sea lion that was the first animal I saw when I went in. It yawned a lot but I was amazed by how much it stared at visitors who were watching it.